Gerald Green Keeps the Tease/Dream Alive

That's Gerald Green, former Dunk Champion and noted lover of cupcakes. This fall, G.G. landed with Dallas on a non-guaranteed deal after failing to make anything of his aborted Rockets stint in '07-08. He's had a good preseason, though, including a stellar game against the Kings (which featured the dunk above). Rick Carlisle likes what he sees.

"This is what a lot of people thought he could do," Carlisle said. "No one has ever questioned his offensive ability. He's been consistent in his approach, and he has some dynamic abilities."

The question, of course, orbits around Green's concentration and commitment to work hard off the court as well as on it. He got cut in Houston specifically because he wasn't working in practice. And that was under Rick Adelman, one of the least dictatorial types in the league. Carlisle isn't Avery Johnson, but Green still needs to push himself to at have the appearance of a hard worker. Otherwise, he'll be taking his cupcakes to Europe.


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