NFL Coach, Former Cowboy Says Dez Should Carry Pads

Dennis Thurman was a rookie cornerback on the Cowboys Super Bowl XIII team and he's now the secondary coach for the New York Jets. I interviewed him to see if it was a big deal for Cowboys wide receiver Roy Williams to tell rookie wide out Dez Bryant to carry his should pads.
"D.D. Lewis had me carry a bag of ice in a trash bag from the cafeteria to the dorm room to ice down the veterans beer," Thurman said on 105.3 The Fan.  "And I had to lug it a quarter of mile.  He wouldn't even let anybody drive me."
Thurman also said the Jets do allow rookie hazing as long as nothing done to the new players is personal.
After the early morning Tuesday practice, Bryant told the media that they were trying to divide the team and that had he known it would have caused such a big story he would have carried anything fellow receiver Roy Williams wanted.

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