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Should Plaza Passes Count Toward Super Bowl Attendance?



    Outdoor Super Bowl tickets will be included in the official attendance numbers, but pigskin fans say fans who don't see the game in person shouldn't be counted.

    Jerry Jones has made it no secret that he would like Cowboys Stadium to set the Super Bowl attendance record, and the NFL's Plaza Passes could get him there.

    The $200 tickets will let fans experience the game on the grassy area outside the stadium's east side. The passes are being sold to Cowboys season ticket holders, with club-seat holders getting first dibs.

    But football fans say that counting those passes toward official attendance is bogus.

    Jerry Jones Finds a Way to Set Attendance Records

    [DFW] Jerry Jones Finds a Way to Set Attendance Records
    The NFL has ruled that plaza passes for the areas outside Cowboys Stadium will count toward attendance totals for Super Bowl XLV, but fans insist if you can't see the game with your own eyes, it shouldn't count.
    (Published Friday, Feb. 3, 2017)

    "They are not going into the stadium, therefore they are not in attendance, because it's the inside that matters," Samantha Eshleman said.

    She and other fans eating lunch at J. Gilligin's in Arlington agreed that the Plaza Passes should not be used to help set a Super Bowl attendance record.

    "I think it's B.S.," Austin Barger said. "If you're not in there, you shouldn't be counted."

    The previous attendance record was set in 1980 at the Rose Bowl, when fan attendance reached nearly 104,000. The NFL estimates it will sell 93,000 tickets for inside Cowboys Stadium.

    "If they are going to count everyone outdoors, they need to count everyone watching in their house, too," Danna Ransom said.

    She said the passes could be more about the money than setting any records.