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Gov. Greg Abbott Responds to Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick's Call for June Special Session


Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has demanded an overtime session next month, leaving Gov. Greg Abbott with only tough choices.

According to a report by the Dallas Morning News, Patrick’s call for a special session aimed to rescue three bills that are popular with GOP activists, one of which is a transgender sports bill.

Two hours after Patrick’s tweet demanding a special session, Abbott responded with a tweet and a press release saying that there is still time “to get important conservative legislation to my desk.”

The session ends Monday, the Dallas Morning News reported.

If no last-minute deals with Patrick are made, the Dallas Morning News reported that Abbott must decide what to do about the lieutenant governor’s call for a special session in June, which would thwart Abbott's plan to host reenactments of bill signings before TV cameras around the state.

Patrick's June special session is aimed at reviving three GOP-base priority items killed in the House, the Dallas Morning News reported.

The bills include a bill targeting transgender student-athletes, and two others banning taxpayer-funded lobbying and social media censorship.

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