Polls: Obama Widens Lead Over McCain – Or Does He?

Ah, the numbers game. None of the three new national election polls has identical results. The polls do agree Barack Obama maintains his lead over opponent John McCain but by varying degrees --  some polls placing Obama as far as 10 points ahead of his rival and others indicating that the two are in a dead heat:

  • The Gallup poll indicates that McCain is narrowing Obama's lead double-digit lead, with 50 percent of voters backing the Democratic nominee and 43 percent supporting McCain.
  • A C-SPAN/Zogby poll shows Obama and McCain in a statistical dead heat but Obama still holds an advantage over McCain with 47.9 percent of those polled supporting Obama and 43.6 percent backing McCain.
  •  A Washington Post-ABC News poll places Obama ahead by 10 points, leading McCain 53 to 43 percent among likely voters.
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