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Perry, Paul Tackle Iran, Gaffes at Debate

Perry, Paul face questions on Iran, Afghanistan, torture and more



    Perry, Paul Tackle Iran, Gaffes at Debate
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    GOP Presidential Primary Candidates Rick Perry and Ron Paul debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. The candidates met more recently in South Carolina for a foreign policy debate.

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry isn't forgetting about the Department of Energy this time around.

    In Saturday's debate, Perry jokes about his gaffe from a debate four days ago, when he forgot the third Cabinet department he would eliminate if elected president.

    Perry says he's glad moderator Scott Pelley of CBS News remembered to ask him about the Energy Department.

    Pelley says he's had some time to think about it.

    "Me too," Perry cracks back.

    Perry has used humor this week to try and deflect his mistake, even stopping by the David Letterman show in New York. Perry says he wants to eliminate Education, Commerce and Energy Departments.

    Perry also tackled the gaff head-on in an appearance on Late Night with David Letterman, where he read a "Top 10" list of reasons for the forgetful moment.

    Texas Representative Ron Paul, also running for the GOP nomination for President, participated in the debate.

    Perry and Paul both received questions about how to deal with the threat of Iran developing nuclear weapons.

    Perry said America should sanction the Iranian central bank to "shut down that country's economy. And that's what the president needs to do."

    Ron Paul stated any use of force against Iran would require approval from Congress.

    Paul also got unprompted support from the audience before the debate, when someone shouted "The military loves Ron Paul!"

    Republicans were debating for the second time in four days in South Carolina, the first-in-the-South primary state.