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Granger Says She'll Take No Pay Before Military



    Granger Says She'll Take No Pay Before Military
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    Congresswoman Kay Granger said Friday that in the event of a government shutdown, she will refuse all compensation from the House of Representatives until our men and women serving in the military are paid.

    Granger's statement came in a news release Friday.

    “Yesterday I voted for a bill that would have ensured the men and women serving in our Armed Forces are paid regardless of a federal government shutdown. The Administration and the Senate have rejected this bill while they continue to accept their own compensation.  I cannot in good conscience accept my own pay if our war fighters are not receiving a paycheck.  These service members are putting their lives on the line in defense of our country, and it is inexcusable that because the President and Senate failed to act, our men and women in uniform will now have to worry how their families will pay their mortgage, buy groceries, and pay the bills.  One of Congress’s most important responsibilities is to ensure that our service members and their families are taken care of.  The Senate and this Administration have sadly failed them.”

    Granger is the representative for the 12th District of Texas, which incorporates Wise, Parker and part of Tarrant County.