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Social Media Account Linked to Anthony Scaramucci Tweets Poll Questioning Number of Jews Killed in Holocaust

The tweet from The Scaramucci Post gave four options and asks 'How many Jews were killed in the Holocaust?'

A Twitter account linked to former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci's tweeted out a poll Tuesday questioning how many Jews were killed in the Holocaust. 

The tweet, from The Scaramucci Post, gave four options and asks: "How many Jews were killed in the Holocaust?"

The poll was quickly pulled after backlash and reports it had not been cleared by Scaramucci who was traveling. Lance Laifer, described as a former hedge fund manager from Long Island in a GQ profile, accepted responsibility for the poll.


The Scaramucci Post is a new media venture fronted by the former White House communications director. Last month he posted of the venture on his social media and encouraged followers to follow its Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Although the poll was pulled there was swift rebuke from those who labeled it anti-Semitic.

"This Twitter poll on the Holocaust was beyond offensive," wrote Anti-Defamation League director and CEO Jonathan Greenblatt. "Good to see it taken down. Should not have been posted in the first place."

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