Trailer for “Lockout” Is Guy Pearce Doing a Kurt Russell Mixtape

For a while there, Hollywood was letting us down. Not that the movies it was putting out were bad, necessarily, but it was a stirng of "yep, another comic book movie. OK, fine" banality. 

But something changed in the past few weeks. We started getting those wonderful, "holy crap, this is so bananas I have to see it" kind of movies.

First there was the just-released "The Grey," which had us at "Liam Neeson straps broken bottles to his hands like DIY Wolverine claws and punches wolves." Who cares what the rest of the movie is about at that point? We're all-in.

Now comes the Luc Besson-produced "Lockout," which can only be described in the paint-peelingly awesome elevator pitch: "It's 'Escape From New York' meets 'Die Hard' SPACE." 

Let that marinate for a bit.

The movie stars Guy Pearce (?!?) doing the acting equivalent of a tribute montage to the early career of Kurt Russell. His grizzled tough guy Snow is part "best there is/loose cannon" (yes, that line is in the film almost verbatim) Snake Plissken and part wise-cracking, devil-may-care Jack Burton. It's the kind of lead character that seemed to die out in the 80s, but is ripe for a comeback.

At worst, this will be a cheese-tastic, so-bad-it's-kind-of-good romp. At best, it'll be the movie Neil Marshall's "Doomsday" so badly wanted to be.

Either way, consider us in.

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