Phone App Rates Your Ugliness

The app scans faces and rates them on a scale from zero to 10.

One of the hottest apps on the market may upset you if it says you’re not attractive.

The Ugly Meter app, which has been on the market for more than a year, recently gained popularity after Howard Stern mentioned it on his satellite radio show. Since then, the $0.99 app reached five million purchases.

The app, which scans faces, rates your ugliness on a scale from zero to 10, with 10 being the ugliest. Brad Pitt scored high.

“Brad Pitt got an eight? What does that tell you?” Ty Jones said after he tried the Ugly Meter.

Valerie Frias disagreed with the app’s ability to gauge ugliness.

“Well I don’t know. Brad Pitt is pretty handsome, so you would think he would get a zero. Maybe there’s a glitch in the app,” she said.

Beyonce Knowles, who was recently named the most beautiful person in the world by People Magazine, scored a dismal seven when the app scanned a photo of her face.

The Ugly Meter analyzes facial shapes, features, and proportions. For a more advanced version of the app, the Ugly Meter PRO is available for $4.99.

“Yeah, it’s a good one,” said Jesus Tejedo, who used the app. “Entertainment at the bar.”

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