Bieber Celebrates Black History and Valentine's Day on “SNL,” Says He's Sorry Over Pot Use

Super Bowl blackout also get parodied

Justin Bieber did double duty as "SNL" host and musical guest this week, where he riffed on Black History Month and later addressed being "busted" smoking pot.

The teenage pop star's opening monologue was a mash-up of Black History Month and Valentine's Day that saw Bieber flirt with young ladies while simultaneously "seducing" them with misinformed facts about black America.

"Did you know Maya Angelou invented the peanut?" Bieber sang before being corrected by Kenan Thompson. Luckily he had Whoopi Goldberg, who he presented with roses, help him out at the end of the skit.

Bieber's musical performances were of a different tone than his usual high-octane pop. Intimate in setting, Bieber performed "Nothing Like Us," accompanied by piano. Later in the night, he sang "As Long as You Love Me," with an acoustic guitarist beside him. In a rare show of vocal singularity, Bieber stripped his pop bells and whistles approach and showed the world that he can captivate with his vocal work alone.

Bieber's performance on the show was also cathartic. In a segment where he played the president of the Miley Cyrus fan club, he said he heard "Bieber" was busted for smoking pot and "he's really sorry about it and that people make mistakes and he's never going to do it again." Back in January, photos landed on TMZ of the heartthrob appearing to smoke a joint.

On Thursday and Friday, dozens of Bieber's biggest fans slept in tents in order to get tickets to "SNL."

Bieber may have gotten most of the attention this week, but the show began with a spoof on CBS' coverage during the 34-minute blackout during this year's Super Bowl.

With no news to report 20 minutes into the blackout, the announce team of James Brown (Kenan Thompson) Shannon Sharpe (Jay Pharoah) Bill Cowher (Tim Robinson) and Dan Marino (Jason Sudeikis) struggled to pass the time.

"Just don't make us watch those first half highlights again. I can't watch them again," Sharpe exclaimed.

When not touting the CBS sitcom "Two Broke Girls," the announce team leaned heavily on sideline reporter Steve Tasker (Terran Killam).

Tasker didn't enjoy his extra time on television.

"Well not much new to report. The lights went out and now they're trying to get them back on," Tasker said. "Some players are stretching. Some are not. And as a favor I'd like you not to come back to me because I have nothing to add."

That didn't stop Brown from going back to Tasker several times and pointing out recent reports of Marino's purported extra-martial affair. In another effort to kill time, Sharpe also said he thought Ravens Linebacker Ray Lewis was guilty of the murder he was accused of involvement in before charges were dropped in 2000.

Weekend Update with Seth Meyers addressed several of the prominent news moments of the week, including this weekend's blizzard, the ban on gays in Boys Scouts and the discovery of King Richard III's bones below a parking lot in England. Check out it and other clips below.

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