Naked Suspect Swipes T-Shirts, Lotion From Massage Parlor

The man was caught on surveillance cameras stealing T-shirts and lotion from a massage parlor in San Diego.

A naked man apparently found the cover he was seeking as he stole T-shirts from a massage parlor in the Hillcrest neighborhood of San Diego, though his lower half was still left exposed to the elements.

Security cameras caught the bizarre break-in Monday night at Happy Head Massage on University Avenue.

Clad in nothing but his shoes, the suspect climbed in through a back window and began wandering around the business, owner Michael Pritsker told NBC 7 Tuesday.

After a shower in the bathroom, the man is seen on surviellance video walking to the reception area. He grabs shirts from a rack and takes lotion from nearby shelves.

"Just pure silliness... watching this character break in just to steal lotion and some T-shirts," said Pritsker. "I could’ve given him one for free if he really wanted one."

Video shows the nude man then running out the front door.

The owner said he did not recognize the suspect. After San Diego police officers responded Tuesday, Pritsker said he decided not to file a police report because nothing of large value was taken.

However, if the suspect is found, Pritsker can decide whether to file a report and press charges.

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