Ke$ha Gives Super Fan a Dollar Sign Tattoo

Tetanus be damned!

Glam-gal songstress Ke$ha gave one of her adoring fans a dollar sign tattoo with a needle and ballpoint pen.

“Are we in heaven right now? Ke$ha heaven?” the super fan asked as the star drew the symbol on his ankle, then stabbed his flesh. The inky encounter was captured in a YouTube video.

Ke$ha warned the fan that it might hurt, but he was quick to impress his beloved singer with his nerves of steel.

“I’m tough as nails, just go for it,” he said as he lounged on a black leather couch, dressed in torn jeans and hoop earrings. “This is fun. I feel like I’m in prison.”

The grungy pop-star famous for her single “Tik Tok,” has long had a fascination with inking and getting inked.

In a MySpace video she posted in February 2009, she announced: “Anyone who gets my face or name tattooed on their body, I’ll make it the cover of my record.”

That never happened, though she did tell Details magazine that when the record came out, she got a tattoo of her own.

"That night we got a little crazy, and we thought it was a really good idea to give each other tattoos to symbolize such a special event in my life,” she said. “My friend tattooed 'YEAH!' on my foot."

The star says she has five tattoos.

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