“Gossip Girl” Star Embroiled in Legal Battle With Mom

Unfortunately for actress Leighton Meester, soap opera plots are more than just her day job.

The 25 year-old "Gossip Girl" star is at the center of a bitter legal battle with her estranged mother, Constance, over money intended for the care of her younger brother, Lex.

According to the suit, Meester sends $7,500 a month to Constance in order to pay for her brother's medical care (Lex, 15, has battled a brain tumor), but the actress claims her mother instead spent the money on cosmetic surgery, hair extensions and Botox.

In a counter suit, Constance Meester is claiming she had a verbal agreement with Leighton that the actress had promised to make a one-time payment of $30,000 and then monthly payments of $10,000 for Lex's care and has not done so. She also claims the actress physically assaulted her.

Constance is seeking damages from the alleged beating, for breach of contract, fraud, intentional infliction of emotional distress and other charges.

Meester has been very open about the contentious relationship with her mother - even admitted that the actress was born in a halfway house while her mother was serving time in prison on drug charges. Once Leighton was three months old, her mother was forced to leave the halfway house and return to prison to finish serving time for her involvement in a marijuana smuggling ring.

Selected Reading: MSNBC, Access Hollywood, E! Online

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