For Sale: Bruce Springsteen's ‘Born To Run' New Jersey Home

For Sale: Bruce Springsteen's 'Born To Run' New Jersey Home

The house that Bruce Springsteen was renting it in 1974 when he wrote "Born to Run" is on sale in Long Branch, NJ, reports the <a href="" target="_blank">Asbury Park Press</a>. The sale price, $349,000, seems a paltry price to pay to live like the Boss.
According to real estate agent Susan McLaughlin of Keller Williams Realty, there have been many bites in the short time since the home's Friday listing.
Described as a "Landmark Jersey Shore Cottage," the home has five rooms, two bedrooms, and one bath. As of now there are three owners, and only one is a resident, a resident who's looking to sell. The other two owners apparently will agree to sell a third of the home to a partner who would buy in.
It's a house with an impressive musical history. Not only did Springstreen write the entire 'Born to Run' album in the home, it's also the place where Bob Dylan was looking for when he was detained by Long Branch police in 2009.
“Dylan was visiting the former homes of Jim Morrison and a number of rock stars, just looking to get the feel of the music and pick up the vibes of these properties, he mistakenly went to West End Avenue and this is West End Court," McLaughlin told the Asbury Park Press.
Long Branch mayor Adam Schneider won't really say whether or not the city of Long Branch can buy it up and turn it into a destination for traveling music buffs. 
Already, tour buses stop there all the time. But for now the offer is open to anyone. Sounds like it won't take long for someone to snatch it up.
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