Ashton Kutcher Posts Rambling Twitter Video About “Truth”

The embattled actor gives his Twitter followers a little history lesson, and an admonishment.

A weary Ashton Kutcher took to - what else? - Twitter to - what else? - vaguely, sort of, but not really address the rumors that are swirling around about his alleged infidelity and the state of his marriage to actress Demi Moore.

Sporting a baseball cap and a beard, a soft-spoken Kutcher appears on camera and launches into a discussion about how the cost of printing meant that those responsible for printing had to be extremely judicious in what they chose to publish.

"Because publishers had a limited amount of inventory, they held great scrutiny over what they would be willing to print," Kutcher attempted to explain. "They were, sort of, the gatekeepers of the truth." 

What does this have to do with, well, anything? He's getting to that. Kutcher goes on to say that, because blogs and Twitter accounts and other social media essentially allow people to publish for free, there are no longer any "gatekeepers" to the truth.

"People can essentially bastardize the truth and spread that around the world," says Kutcher.

In other words, the internet is full of lies. Kutcher ends by imploring his followers to take responsibility for their own, to borrow a phrase from Stephen Colbert, "truthiness." 

Like the couple's other maddeningly vague Tweets regarding their relationship, this video leaves everything unsaid and between the lines and, well, open to interpretation and speculation. Moore and Kutcher are the gatekeepers of their own truth, and it seems as though opening it up would be a more effective way of quelling the lies.

You can watch the whole video HERE.

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