Fort Worth

Young Woman Mugged Off West 7th in Fort Worth

Bandages cover just some of the multiple scrapes and scratches on Alex Wachowski's knees and elbows.

They're injuries she sustained fighting off an attacker in Fort Worth's popular West 7th Street entertainment area, where she has visted dozens of times.

"I'm always around here. I've been here for over a year-and-a-half, coming down, walking around. Nothing has ever happened," said Wachowski.

But Monday night, she put her guard down for just a minute.

Walking along the sidewalk, alone and just after midnight, someone came from out of nowhere, attacked and robbed her.

Wachowski ran for help, but at that moment, she was most shocked that it happened in a place so familiar to her and popular among Fort Worth residents and visitors.

Police have no other reports of robberies that night.

"Always have someone else with you, whether it be a girlfriend or a guy friend. Just stay with someone else," she said.

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