White Supremacist Fliers Appearing On College Campuses

Hate-filled fliers are popping up on several college campuses this week, including at least three campuses in North Texas.

"It scares me a lot just to think that there are people walking around who see me as the threat, who see me as this person who is just trying to infiltrate their country," said Harris Chowdharry, a student at the University of Texas at Dallas.

UT Dallas Police say the fliers were posted Tuesday night on parking meters and several buildings throughout campus, apparently as part of a planned event by a white supremacist group targeting several colleges across the country.

"The thing that really impacted me was the one that was posted by the Holocaust studies of UTD," said UT Dallas student Leora Kurtzer. "As a Jewish person, that's just something that has an emotional impact on me."

Similar fliers also appeared this week at the University of North Texas and Collin College, with some images of them later shared on social media.

"It's kind of surprising. It's kind of very inclusive here. We've got people from all over the place, so it took me by surprise," said UT Dallas student Jason Rodda. "I didn't expect it here."

Police at UT Dallas say the people who posted the fliers are not affiliated with the university.

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