Warrant Roundup Going After Pet Owners

The city of Fort Worth is expanding their warrant roundup to include pet owners who aren't obeying the law. For the first time, violators of animal control laws will be targeted as part of a warrant roundup by city marshals.

The roundup of animal offenders will include the search for individuals with warrants for not having their dogs restrained, animal abandonment, dog tethering or not providing food, water, protection or medical care to an animal in their custody.

"The city of Fort Worth is trying to send a clear message to irresponsible pet owners," said animal control manager Keane Menefee. "If you fail to properly care for your pet you will be held accountable."

The roundup takes place this Saturday through March 15.

Arrested violators will be taken before Fort Worth municipal court judges for arraignment and disposition of their cases.

Anyone with an outstanding warrant can avoid arrest by contacting authorities before Saturday.  More information is available at fortworthgov.org

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