Veteran Followed From Bank, Robbed: Hurst Police

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A Marine Corps veteran is sharing his story after police say he was followed after leaving a bank and robbed.

Carlos Velasquez stopped at a Chase Bank branch in Euless on Friday, where he says he withdrew $7,000 dollars to pay a contractor. Hurst police believe someone followed him to a nearby gas station in Hurst where his vehicle was broken into in broad daylight as he went inside.

“There was a gentleman on the other side of the gas pump, he is within two feet of him and the burglar didn’t care, he went into my truck either way,” said Velasquez.

On Wednesday, Hurst Police released photographs of the suspected burglar and his suspected getaway vehicle. Investigators say it is unclear if Velasquez is the lone victim.

“They don’t know how hard an individual works and where that money was going that day,” said Velasquez. “You feel violated.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Hurst Police at 817-788-7168.

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