Tiny Texan Champions Cheer on Team USA

Baylor Scott and White showcases their Tiny Texans as they go for the gold

Baylor Scott & White

The Tiny Texans are going for the gold this Olympic season as they cheer on Team USA.

The labor and neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) teams at Baylor Scott & White medical centers created the 'Tiny Texans' program in order to help support families who spend extended time in their hospitals. 

Tiny Texan Champions Cheer on Team USA

From cupid to pumpkins, each holiday season, Baylor dresses their babies in costumes along with a mini photoshoot to lift the spirits of their loved ones and capture their first special moments.

This summer, Baylor awarded each baby with a gold medal to prove there's no competition when it comes to cuteness.

If you need something that ties to the Olympics, check out the following below. You never know if one of these little ones will be the next Gold Medal Olympian to represent Team USA.

To see the video tribute, click here.

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