Thieves Ram, Steal ATM: Dallas Police

Police said they're investigating the thefts of two ATMs from Dallas stores Wednesday morning.

Dallas police said someone used a vehicle to crash into an Exxon gas station near the intersection of North Hampton Road and Fort Worth Avenue at 4 a.m. They then rammed the ATM and stole it.

"I would say that they knew everything and it was planned," owner Paul Sidhu said. "They backed up the truck right to where the ATM was."

Then, about 20 minutes later, someone drove a similar vehicle into an ATM at a nail salon in the 6100 block of Luther Lane. The ATM was bolted down, though, so the people left without it.

"I’m just really glad that nobody got hurt," nail salon owner Michael Molayem said.

Surveillance video from both incidents shows two men wearing black clothes and white gloves. Police said they're looking for a green two-door pickup truck, possibly a Ford F-150.

Police said they think it's "very possible" the two thefts are related.

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