Teen Behind the Wheel: How's My Driving?

Mansfield women start Web site, bumper-sticker campaign to promote safe driving

Remember those "baby on board" stickers? Now there's one for when the babies get behind the wheel.

Two women in Mansfield, Robin Collins and Brandy Niemuth, have started TeenagerOnBoard.org and a bumper-sticker campaign to promote safe teen driving.

Parents who join are given bumper stickers that say, "How's my driving?" The stickers have a special ID number that identifies the teenager who is behind the wheel.

"It's allowing the children to know that someone out there could report them," Niemuth said.

Motorists who witness teenagers driving in an unsafe manner can call in the infraction, and their parents will be notified.

Collins and Niemuth got the idea when they were driving to the mall a couple of years ago.

"And we saw a kid drive past us, really fast, recklessly -- and it scared us," Collins said. "And it scared me, knowing that my son was going to start driving."

Her son, Ryan, has already been called in on twice.

"Honestly, it's a pain in the butt, but it makes me think twice about how I'm driving," he said.

And he says, "Thanks," to those who have called.

"I mean, it kind of gets me in trouble, but it keeps me in check," Ryan Collins said.

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