Teen Arrested After Driving Van Through House

Police have arrested a teenage driver for driving his van through a Fort Worth bedroom early Wednesday morning, narrowly missing two young children who were sleeping in bed.

Officers responded to the crash in the 6700 block of Westcreek Drive around three in the morning.

Police said the van slammed through the living room and ended up in a bedroom, where a seven and eight year old were sleeping. The driver had deserted the car, the keys still in the ignition.

About 30 minutes later, as police were processing the scene and taking witness statements, the driver returned, on foot. He claimed he had been carjacked, but police said the details of his story changed. The 18-year-old was charged with public intoxication and fleeing the scene of an accident.

The two young brothers were not injured, but their parents said they were crying and are terrified by what happened.

"I was sleeping. I was sleeping when we hear a noise and my wife start crying and I saw what happened," said the boys father Roberto Mercado.

"We see the kids over there. Thanks to God nothing happened to the kids," he added.

Police have not yet identified the teenage suspect.

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