Shooting Incident Ending at Whataburger Parking Lot Leaves 1 Injured

At least one person was injured in a shooting, related to a drug deal, that ended at the parking lot of an Arlington Whataburger Saturday morning, police said.

Arlington police responded about 1:50 a.m. to the Whataburger at 4120 S. Collins St.

Earlier, the shooting victim went with other people to the 1600 block of Caplin Drive to purchase narcotics, Arlington police said. After the transaction went bad, unknown suspects fired towards the car that the victim was riding in, police said. A woman was struck and they drove to the Whataburger, police said.

At the restaurant parking lot, a silver Chevrolet Cruze had several bullet holes in it, a broken back windshield, bullet hole in headrest and a flat passenger rear tire.

Arlington Fire Rescue responded to the scene to treat a victim. No other information was available.

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