Severely Underweight Great Dane Found Wandering in Parker County

Investigators want to find the owner or anyone who recognizes a severely underweight Great Dane found wandering collarless and alone Tuesday in Millsap, Parker County, according to the Parker County Sheriff's Department.

The dog, named "Grace" according to her microchip, weighs just over 50 pounds, roughly half of what she should weigh, according to the veterinarian now caring for her.

The bones of her ribs, spine and hips are very pronounced, and she is "ravenously hungry," according to Dr. Shelley Finger, of the Aledo Vet Clinic.

"She is the thinnest dog that I have ever seen that's walking," Finger said. "She is definitely the most extreme case that I've seen."

Tests are underway to determine if Grace is suffering from any disease or parasite that is contributing to her condition, Finger said.

If the extreme weight loss is a result of starvation, Grace would clearly be a victim of animal cruelty, according to the veterinarian.

“Grace’s state is deeply saddening,” said Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler in a statement released Tuesday. “She has been suffering for quite some time. It is terrible to see an animal in this condition. This is starvation in its worst form.”

The dog's demeanor indicates Grace has been someone's pet, Finger said, and data stored on her microchip said she received veterinary care as recently as March, when she weighed approximately 80 pounds.

Investigators have been unable to locate the listed owner of the dog, according to a news release.

Anyone with knowledge of Grace’s owners is encouraged to call the sheriff’s office at (817) 594-8845.

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