Selling A Car? There May Be Money You're Owed

When you sign the dotted line for a new car, you're typically offered the chance to take out an extended warranty.

But what happens if you sell the car before you use that warranty?

Leo Delleon decided it was time to trade in his trusty SUV for something that gets better gas mileage.

It said right in his contract he's due a refund for leftover mileage if he sells the car early.

"I sold the vehicle at 125,000 miles. So, that leaves me 75,000 miles worth of warranty that I should be getting back."

He said he called AA Auto Protection and confirmed he could get the refund and sent in all the documents required.

"She said 'Um, we never got paper work from you' and I said 'well I’m looking at my receipt here from the post office,'" Delleon recalled.

He sent it all again, and waited. Weeks turned into months.

"They said due to the hurricane in Houston, we had a lot of cancellations. OK but mine was before the hurricane hit. There was always an excuse," Delleon told us.

He called NBC 5 Responds. Our consumer investigative center got to work.

AA Auto Protection told us the process was taking entirely too long and they didn't know why.

They are like an agent and were waiting for the corporate insurer to issue a check. They reached out again and problem solved, a refund of $513.50.

"Without y’alls help, I still probably would have been sitting here."

We also thanked him for letting us know to check to see if we can cash in those extended warranties if we sell our car.

"I think a lot of people don’t know that and they let it go, they just let it go down the drain," said Delleon.

Remember the refunds may not be on all warranties but we checked several and found you could get money back.

It's just another lesson to read your contract and if some hiccup pops up and you can't get it worked out, call us at NBC 5 Responds.

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