Robin on the Roof Helping Hungry Children

Looking down from her “nest” atop the roof of All Saints Lutheran Church in Arlington, a Robin, Robin Evans to be exact, is on a mission to help feed kids.

“The kids get out of school and the food banks get hit harder,” said Evans. “They don’t have their backpack programs or their free meal programs.”

It’s why she’ll stay on the roof until she and the three churches she’s partnered with can collect 100,000 pounds of food to donate to local food pantries. It’s the loftiest goal she’s set in the five years she’s been doing these “Robin on a Roof” food drives.

“I’ve not hit that total ever,” said Evans. “So we’ll see what happens. I may be up here for a week.”

The food and money they receive will be shared among nearly a dozen food pantries, including Arlington Charities Inc.

Executive Director Melanie Gibson says this couldn’t have come at a better time.

“As things dry up in the summer, so do donations,” said Gibson. “So it’s a tough time of year for us.”

Because kids won’t be receiving the free lunches they get during the school year, Arlington Charities Inc. tries to give its clients a few extra items to take home when summer hits.

Their organization alone serves 55,000 people, so they said they need all the help they can get.

“I think it’s wonderful,” said Gibson. “She’s a very nice person.”

Evans admits living and sleeping on a roof has its challenges, but says it’s worth it because she believes it’s nothing compared to going hungry.

“It really opens your heart,” said Evans. “And you go, wow, I want to do this again.”

If you’d like to help Evans reach her goal, you can drop off non-perishable food or money donations at All Saints Lutheran Church in Arlington (4325 SW Green Oaks Boulevard), Edge Park United Methodist Church in Fort Worth (5616 Crowley Road) or First United Methodist Church in Kennedale (229 West 4th Street).

You can also visit Evans’ facebook page, “Robin on the Roof”, where you can make a donation using PayPal.

Each dollar raised is worth five pounds of food.

Finally, if there’s a food pantry in your community that you’d like to help, make a donation to them, then post how much that donation was on the facebook page.

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