Rescued Hawk Lives

Dallas County man springs into action to save hawk

A malnourished hawk now has a Dallas County resident to thank for saving his life.

A friend Jim West was meeting a bar called him and said he passed an injured hawk on his way to the bar. West sprang into action immediately.

He ran out to his garage, packed a dog crate and an old bed sheet in his car and headed to the described area. After several failed attempts at rescuing the hawk, West was able to pick the bird up by its tail, wrap it inside the bedsheet and put it in the crate.

He then drove it to the Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

West said the doctors diagnosed the hawk with malnutrition, which often occurs after the animals eat a poisoned rat.

West said such incidents can easily be prevented.

"If idiots will stop shooting, clubbing and running over every snake they see, there won't be a need for all of that rat poison," he said.

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