Reports of ‘Exploding Pyrex' Cookware Causes Concerns Ahead of Thanksgiving

The federal government has received 475 reports of shattering or exploding Pyrex cookware since 2011

Jessica Bolte has a number of Pyrex dishes that were passed down by her grandmother.

She wanted to add to her Pyrex collection, so she bought a rectangular bakeware dish just last month.

Bolte said she prepped her spaghetti squash in the new dish and placed it into her pre-heated oven.

"And within two minutes I heard an explosion," she said. "Like a pop!"

Bolte said her new Pyrex dish shattered into pieces. 

An isolated incident, she thought, until she went online.

"I started going through and there's hundreds of people's posts," she said. 

Bolte spotted posts and pictures from consumers across the country who said their Pyrex glassware exploded out of nowhere.

One person said, "Our family's 9x13 Pyrex casserole dish exploded loudly while in the oven cooking chicken at 425. Glass shards went everywhere."

Vickie McCalmon wrote, "I've used Pyrex my entire life! Never has this happened! Especially to a brand new piece! What is going on Pyrex!" 

McCalmon lives in Denton County, so NBC 5 Responds met up with her to learn more about her Pyrex experience.

"I placed it in the oven and about 15 minutes in it was just, 'Kaboom,'" she said. "It was like a bomb had gone off in the oven! I opened up the oven and there was shattered glass everywhere."

McCalmon and Bolte are among hundreds of people who have voiced concerns about their Pyrex products.

The federal government has received 475 reports of shattering or exploding Pyrex cookware dating back to 2011.

Some consumers have even reported injuries from the exploded glass.

Pyrex, however, called cases like these unusual.

The company told NBC 5 it "produces glassware of the highest quality that is safe to use in conventional, convection and microwave ovens."

Pyrex said while "any glass bakeware has a risk of breakage, Pyrex glassware has an exceptional safety record."

The company also said less than one-tenth of one percent of the millions of its products sold each year experience thermal breakage, and said there has never been any recall of Pyrex glassware.

"Based on their response, I don't think they're looking at fixing it," Bolte said.

She's been without a working oven for nearly a month.

Meanwhile, McCalmon is now questioning the line of glassware she's been baking with for decades.

"Where's everybody at during the holidays? The kitchen. And what are you baking with? Pyrex," she said. "It's scary and they should be held accountable for that."

Bolte said Pyrex offered her $200 to fix her oven and a $50 Pyrex voucher.

She said she hadn't accepted yet because it may take more than $200 to fix the oven.

Bolte said Pyrex also sent her a new dish, but she won't be using it. 

McCalmon said Pyrex offered her a $20 voucher, which she declined.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission wouldn't comment on the hundreds of reports of exploding Pyrex bakeware.

The Commission simply referred us to its complaint website.

That website didn't point to any type of solution.

Pyrex offers tips on how to use its products properly here.

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