Recent Police Shootings Draw Emotions, Frustrations

News of two black men shot and killed by police in two US cities in a matter of days has prompted nation-wide protests.

Thursday, NBC 5 gathered reaction from those in North Texas regarding the number of police shootings making headlines recently, how they are perceived in society today and if people believe race is a factor.

"The best way to attack a person is to become an officer - you can use the race card by being an officer or a judge," said Stevie Savala from Dallas. 

"America needs to come together as one and forget about the racism," Savala said.

Still, Savala said he trusts the police.

"We need officers to protect us."

Others questioned if they're protected, and some said there is a problem in America.

"I've seen it on television, heard everything about it - it's pure damn racism," said one woman, who didn't want to give her name. 

People around the country and right here in North Texas are talking about the two recent officer-involved shootings.

"Do something, we have to wake up," said Hattie Hollins. "Yes, all lives matter, but all the black ones right now are being taken. So, yes, black lives matter. We have to stand up and stop being sheep."

Others see a difficult, complex job for law enforcement.

"First of all, it's sad to see anybody, no matter what color their skin is, who they are and how much they make or they don't make - I think the facts need to come out first just because you see it on one video tape doesn't mean that's how it happened," said Brian Haas.

"It's difficult to judge, but obviously our society needs to respect law and order. We need to respect the job the officers have to do and it's a tough job," said Jim Foster. 

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