Raw Meat Found in D/FW Traveler's Luggage: CBP

U.S. Customs and Border Protection inspectors say a traveler tried to smuggle five raw chickens and three packages of pork meat after a flight this week to North Texas from El Salvador.

The traveler, a United States lawful permanent resident, arrived Wednesday at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, officials said.

The CPB agriculture specialists asked the traveler if he had any items to declare, and he said he was carrying fried chicken. However, during an examination of his bag, the officials found the unprepared chickens and the packages of cooked pork.

Raw poultry is prohibited from entry into the U.S. because it may carry invasive diseases that could harm the agriculture industry. Pork products, either prepared or unprepared, are restricted due to the risk of swine fever.

The CPB officials issued the traveler a $300 fine, and the chicken and pork products and their packages were seized and destroyed.

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