Puppies Stolen from Dallas Pet Store

Two high-priced puppies are missing from a Dallas pet store after surveillance video shows a man breaking in while the store was closed. 

It happened around 3 o'clock Saturday morning at the Petland located at 11909 Preston Road in Dallas. 

Video shows the man using what appears to be a crowbar to pry open the front door.  The man enters the kennel area and grabs two English Bulldog puppies, each cost $6,150. 

At one point, video shows the thief dropping on of the puppies, each 8 to 10 weeks old, before trying to leave through a back door.  He then rushes through the store to the front and outside while carrying a puppy under each arm.

"The video is extremely unnerving for the employees," said Shelby Pierce, "we've known the puppies since we’ve gotten here, and we all grew really close to them  so just seeing the sheer force he used to take the puppies out, actually seeing the puppy fall on the ground and roll it’s just heartbreaking because you worry the puppy is injured."

Pierce says the price of the dogs is not advertised online.

"So he must have come in and actually seen the puppies he knew right where to go," Pierce said, "all of our puppies tend to change kennels every single day and he knew exactly where to go and which puppies to grab, which indicates he knew the pricing and had been in previously."

Pierce says bulldogs are microchipped, and local veterinarians and the police have been alerted. 

Employees are asking anyone who may recognize the suspect to call police. 

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