Newest Concepts for Texas High-Speed Rail Stations

Here are the latest renderings of the three stations for the proposed high-speed rail line between Dallas and Houston. Texas Central says the concepts are the result of $3 million of engineering work and represent the best visualizations to date of how the project might look.

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Texas Central
The exterior of the Dallas station that would be located in the Cedars neighborhood on the southern edge of downtown.
Texas Central
The entrance of the station in Dallas. The goal is to have travelers from the street to the train in as little as 45 seconds.
Texas Central
The station would include waiting areas with windows onto the city.
Texas Central
The Japanese-built Shinkansen trains would leave and arrive from an elevated platform.
Texas Central
The exterior of the Brazos Valley station in Grimes County, designed to serve the Bryan/College Station area.
Texas Central
The interior of the Brazos Valley station.
Texas Central
The exterior of the Houston station, located at the site of Northwest Mall.
Texas Central
The concourse of the Houston station.
Texas Central
A passenger lounge at the Houston station.
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