New Charity Fights Hunger in North Texas

There is a new charity to help fight hunger in North Texas.

The organization "Feeding Children Everywhere" works to feed hungry people around the world. According to the charity's website, they've packaged more than 66 million meals for people globally.

Based in Florida, the charity is now opening a satellite office in Grand Prairie and has launched a new app called "Fed 40."

People can download the free app, fill out a form and request meals be delivered straight to their doorstep. Each order will prompt 40 servings of the charity's pre-packaged red lentil jambalaya to be delivered within one business day, for free.

The meal includes red lentils, rice, dehydrated vegetables, and pink Himalayan salt. The meal is designed to be healthy and filling.

Feeding Children Everywhere launched a pilot program involving the app in Florida during the fall. Following it's success, they decided to expand its use nationwide.

Now, they're hoping to reach people living in food deserts in southern Dallas.

Volunteers will be working with local churches to reach people in those areas and sending mailers to those living in historically low-income areas altering them about the service.

Click here to find out how to download the Fed 40 app to your device.

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