McKinney Restaurant Linked to Credit Card Theft

Kacey Royer and her co-workers at the Collin County courthouse are out of money and out of patience.

“I’m just really angry, because somebody is doing this to me and my friends,” said Royer.

Royer and fellow colleagues discovered this week they are the victims of debit and credit card theft. Someone charged more than $400 in purchases at stores in Arlington and Grand Prairie using Royer’s debit card number.

“I live paycheck to paycheck,” said Kacey Royer. “Bills are due. I don’t have any money.”

Kimberly Sherrin discovered $200 charged at a two different department stores in Dallas.

“I need that for food, bills – the normal stuff,” said Sherrin.

The women and several more co-workers realized they were all victims and had all dined at the same restaurant in the last month – Blue Goose Cantina in McKinney.

The company told NBC 5 on Thursday they were made aware of the issue last week and shutdown their computer system and contacted police and their credit card processing firm.

A company spokesperson said a forensics team arrived this morning and determined the computer system had been hacked, compromising customers debit or credit card information.

In a statement to NBC5, the majority owner of Blue Goose Cantina, Jill Peterson, wrote: 

Last Wednesday evening we received a complaint from one of our guests that unauthorized charges had been made on his son’s credit card. Following additional complaints we realized our computer had been hacked. By 2:00 Thursday afternoon, we completely shut down our McKinney computer, called the police and our credit card processing firm and began soliciting advice from experts.

We have no evidence of any more trouble after that time, but between Wednesday night and early Thursday afternoon, the damage had already been done. Thankfully only our McKinney Blue Goose was involved, not our other locations.

Today a forensic team from 403 Labs flew in Chicago flew in to diagnose our problems. They have found that we are now virus free, and are now checking the Blue Goose computers at our other locations. We will continue to work with this team to insure our system remains safe.

The worst part is that our guests are so very inconvenienced. We cannot apologize enough for that, and I hope you will accept my personal apology.

Jill Peterson

McKinney Police Officer Sabrina Brown said they are investigating multiple complaints linked to the Blue Goose in McKinney, along with Anna police, Plano police and the sheriff’s departments in Collin and Grayson counties.

Boston said any diner who notices suspicious activity following a visit to Blue Goose should contact the McKinney police department to file a report and notify their bank.

“I don’t carry cash,” said victim Amy Cabala. “My check is deposited straight into the bank. If they can get access to my account that easy – that’s pretty scary.”

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