North Texas

May Rain Leads to Mold in Many North Texas Homes

Many people in North Texas are discovering dangerous mold in their homes after May's record rainfall.

"We have seen rain get into places in a house that it's never gone into before," said Bob Culley, a mold assessment consultant and owner of Culley Enviro, LLC.

His company alone is now receiving more than a dozen calls each day about mold, about 80-percent of it caused by the rain and flooding this spring.

"The feeling in the industry is that we're going to be busy through September, because people are going to have damage and not realize it," said Culley.

"Water will go right under those baseboards and get ripped up into the walls," added Culley. "Then about two weeks later, they'll start smelling something, and pretty soon they'll see that this baseboard is popping off because of the moisture and they've got mold."

Mold can cause serious health problems, and it is best to call an expert for advice before trying to remove it yourself.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Texas Attorney General's Office both offer some helpful advice for combatting mold.

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