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Man Shot in Front of Elementary School in Fort Worth

A Fort Worth school was placed on lockdown Friday after a man was shot on the sidewalk in front of the campus, police say.[[367008951,C]]

It happened at about 1 p.m. in front of Richard J. Wilson Elementary School in the 900 block of West Fogg Street.

Police said the 18-year-old was shot while walking in front of the school. A neighbor who lives across the street, Sarah Reyes, said the victim told her and others who rushed to his aid that a vehicle pulled up, rolled down the window, yelled a gang name and opened fire.

Reyes said she heard four distinct gun shots, and the man was shot in the leg.

Police said the victim is expected to recover.

"It was real scary," Reyes said. "It was real scary. I was thinking the worst, just to think that it was at the school. Any bullet could have gone through the window and harmed anybody."

No one inside the school was injured, and the lockdown was lifted as school dismissed at 3 p.m.

Students went home with letters to parents regarding the incident. Anna Uraga, who lives across the street and has two children at the school, was unhappy that the school district didn't reach parents by phone.

"They're sending a note at the end of the day, why not call?" she said. "Whenever it's snowing, they're going to cancel (or) early dismissal, they call. And this is like very concerning. There was a shooting and yet no call whatsoever."

District spokesman Clint Bond said the district will make calls to parents on Friday night. They do not call immediately during an incident so that misinformation doesn't spread. Bond said the campus handled the situation correctly.

Parents waited anxiously outside the school for dismissal on Friday afternoon. While the shooting was random, and police say likely gang related, it still leaves parents concerned.

"It worries me, especially in the daylight that it happened," Uraga said. "I could understand if it happened at night but not during school hours."

There is a surveillance camera on the school facing toward where the shooting happened. It's unclear if it captured the incident or the vehicle involved.

Fort Worth police patrol officers and gang unit continue to investigate and search for the suspect or suspects.

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