Dallas Police

Local First Responders Fielding Increased Calls for Suspicious Packages

Local first responders are busy running down calls for suspicious packages after a string of explosions in Austin in recent days.

The Fort Worth Fire Department's bomb squad has responded to more than 65 calls for a suspicious item since last Monday.

Callers are worried about things like a misspelled address, or just a package they weren't expecting. Emergency responders are urging people not to touch anything you're unsure about.

They do want you to call 911 but are asking you to check with family members or neighbors first to be sure no one is expecting the package.

The bomb squad commander says all the calls are taxing their resources, but they are keeping up.

"I would rather run a thousand calls that were absolutely nothing at all than to have one situation where we weren't called or we didn't respond and someone was injured or killed because of that," said Lt. Ed Fishman, Bomb Squad Commander for the Fort Worth Fire Department.

Dallas police have also seen an uptick in these types of calls. They're urging people to step away and call 911.

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