LimeBike to Add 1,000 Bicycles in Dallas Starting Thursday

Bike-share company, one of four in Dallas, will have 5,000 bikes before year's end

If you think you’ve seen a lot of those bike-share bicycles positioned all around Dallas, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

LimeBike, one of four bike-sharing companies operating currently in Dallas, will expand its fleet by 1,000 bicycles between Thursday and Sunday. Beyond this initial expansion, LimeBike expects to have 5,000 bicycles available for rent in Dallas before the end of the year.

LimeBike, which allows users to rent its bicycles for $1 for every 30 minutes of use, has made a meteoric rise here in recent months.

LimeBike launched in Dallas on Aug. 11 with exactly 180 bikes, according to Anthony Fleo, General Manager of LimeBike Dallas. Fleo cites customer demand as the primary driver of the rapid expansion.

“I think people weren’t really sure how Dallas would receive this,” Fleo said. “Historically I don’t think Dallas is necessarily the most bike-friendly city, but we have seen a lot of early adopters and a lot of people who are really excited about it.”

Earlier this month Ofo began operating as the fourth bicycle-sharing company in Dallas when it made its debut with 1,000 yellow bicycles. VBike, based in Garland, has silver bikes with yellow wheels. Spin has orange bikes stationed around the city.

All four Dallas companies allow riders to activate bikes with a smart phone app and then leave the bike at a destination for the next rider to use.

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