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Let Wayne Buy It: Clorox Scrubtastic

Most of us don't look forward to cleaning the bathroom, as scrubbing soap scum can be hard work.

The Clorox Scrubtastic is a powered brush that promises to make that job a little easier. It comes with three different brushes for different chores in the bathroom.

"I'm picky about my bathroom. I just want it to shine," said Liz Trevino.

She has a disability which makes maneuvering around the house a little tough. She agreed not to clean her bathroom for a few days so we could really see what Scrubtastic could do.

We tried the flat brush on her shower door. While the glass wasn't quite crystal clear, the Scrubtastic made a big dent, especially on the chrome.

We also tried it on the grout.

You could see how much dirt came off by looking at the white, turned brown brush bristles.

We also used the extender, which allowed Trevino to clean all around the sides and bottom of her tub without bending down.

"I'm impressed with it, because I like the way it worked in the tub," she said.

We paid $39.95 for Scrubtastic on Amazon.

This product test came as a suggestion from Trevino on Wayne Carter's Facebook page. If you have a product you want Wayne to buy, log on to and let him know.

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