Tarrant County

Landscaper dies after being trapped under lawn mower in North Texas pond

The Flower Mound Police Department is investigating the accident

Flower Mound Fire

A landscaper has died from their injuries after they were pinned beneath a commercial riding mower that ended up in a large Flower Mound pond earlier this week.

At around 10:20 a.m. on Monday, June 10, officers with the Flower Mound Police officers and firefighters with the Flower Mound Fire Department responded to a pond near Flower Mound Road and Clearpoint Drive after reports of a person being trapped underneath a lawn mower in the water.

Flower Mound Fire officials said the landscaper was mowing grass in the area and somehow ended up in the large body of water.

A witness who called 911 reportedly told authorities they tried to help pull the victim free from the lawn mower but were unsuccessful.

It took four firefighters to lift the mower and save the victim from entrapment, as the water was several feet deeper, fire officials said.

The victim was brought to shore, and medical personnel performed CPR and advanced life support interventions to save the landscaper's life. The individual was then taken to a local hospital and regained a pulse and blood pressure.

According to the fire department, the landscaper was transferred to another facility Monday night for more treatment but ultimately died Tuesday afternoon.

The victim's identity has not been released, and Flower Mound Police are still investigating the accident.

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