Lance Berkman Donates Fire Truck to Town of West

David Watkins, NBC 5

Texas Ranger, and native Texan, Lance Berkman is donating a fire truck to the Town of West.

West, as you'll undoubtedly remember, was the site of a devastating explosion on April 17 where 15 people, mostly firefighters, lost their lives due to a fire at a fertilizer plant.

Among the material losses were several fire trucks used by the West Volunteer Fire Department.

Berkman got together with the Arlington Fire Department to locate and refurbish a fire truck that will be presented to the City of West during pre-game events at the Ballpark in Arlington on Saturday afternoon.

That same day, the Texas Rangers have invited the 2,700 citizens of West to attend the game against the Houston Astros during City of West Night at the Ballpark.

WIth many Texas volunteer fire departments underfunded, including West, the donation by Berkman and the Arlington Fire Department couldn't come at a better time. 

Berkman, a native of Waco, attended college at Rice and has played in the majors for the Astros, Yankees and Cardinals before his current stint with the Rangers.  Berkman and his family live in Houston.

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