Source of Stray Bullet That Hospitalized Two Kids Still Unknown

Deer hunters questioned in shooting

One of two middle school students shot by a stray bullet while playing basketball is stable but in danger of paralysis.

On Monday, Nicholas Tijerina, 13, was trying out for Harwell Middle School's basketball team when a stray bullet passed through his lung and liver before settling near his spine.

Dr. Mark Lieser of McAllen Medical Center said Friday,  Nicholas is unable to move his legs. He also said it's too early to tell how long the damage will last.

After Monday's shooting, three deer hunters suspected of possibly firing shots which wounded the South Texas middle school students were questioned.

According to the Hidalgo County Sheriff, investigators hadn't determined early Tuesday whether the shootings were accidental, reckless or intentional.

Investigators now await the results of ballistic tests to determine whether any bullets match those of the hunters.


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