ID Cards Needed For All Texas Voters

Voters with EIC cards will still need to register to vote

With another Election Day upon us, it's a opportune time to remind voters they'll need approved identification if they plan on casting a ballot.

With the passage of the Texas Voter ID law, everyone in the state is required to provide identification before voting in any Texas election.

To be given a ballot, voters will need to either show one of the following forms of identification: a state-issued driver's license, state-issued identification card, a current U.S. passport, DPS-issued CHLs, Military IDs, a U.S. citizenship certificate that has a photo or an Election Identification Certificate.

Texas Election Identification Certificates are documents supplied by the DPS at all 220 driver's license offices, for free, to those who meet certain criteria; one of which is that they cannot have any of the other forms of accepted identification.

To qualify for an EIC, an applicant must meet the following conditions:

  • Bring documentation to verify U.S. citizenship and identity.
  • Be eligible to vote in Texas (Bring a valid voter registration card or submit a voter registration application through the Texas Department of Public Safety).
  • Be a Texas resident.
  • Be 17 years and 10 months or older.

To apply for an EIC, voters must visit a DPS office and fill out an application. Applicants will need to be able to verify U.S. citizenship and may need to bring a copy of their birth certificate as well as any two of the following: Social Security card, voter registration card, school records, Medicare or Medicaid card, ID card issued by a government agency, unexpired insurance policy or an expired Texas ID. See more from the DPS on documentation requirements to obtain an EIC.

Once completed, the EIC receipt an individual receives will include their photo and can be used for voting until the permanent card is delivered by mail, the DPS said in a news release Tuesday.

EICs are valid for six years; those given to citizens over 70 years of age will not expire. Cards are only used for voting and not for identification.

Certificates are also available at DPS EIC mobile stations and at select county locations.

Those with EIC's will still need to register to vote. To check your status as an active voter, visit the Texas Secretary of State's website here.

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