Husband's Request Rallies Motorcyclists to Support Wife Battling Breast Cancer

A man’s heartfelt request for his wife led to an outpouring of support from across North Texas.

Amy Patterson was diagnosed in July with Stage 3 breast cancer and underwent chemotherapy as part of her treatment. On Monday, Patterson prepared to overcome one of the biggest hurdles of her fight against cancer – a double mastectomy.

“No history in our family. It was really out of left field,” Amy Patterson said.

Just more than 24 hours ahead of her scheduled surgery, her husband put out a call for help.

Doug Patterson didn’t want his wife’s journey to the hospital to be filled with stress, anxiety and worries of ‘what if’, so he turned to social media to help.

“Riding in the car with me, her mind is going to be just all about the ‘what if’. I don't want her mind to be about the ‘what if’. I want her mind just to be peace,” said Doug Patterson. “She has so much support and love from our family, our friends. She's going to make it through it. She's a fighter.”

Amy loves motorcycles, but doesn’t own one and hasn’t been on one for years.

“Having the wind blowing in your face and the music on and a nice ride, it’s just relaxing, it’s good for the soul,” Patterson said.

A Facebook post written by Doug, and posted below, didn’t go unnoticed.

Soon, other motorcyclists would see it, one even created a separate Facebook page inviting others to the event called "Escort Ride for Amy."

In just about than 24 hours, more than 50 motorcycles answered the call.

And, Patterson even joined in.

On the back of volunteer Judy Hoover’s bike, she rode to Baylor, Scott and White Hospital in Garland around noon on Monday.

“As loud as it was, it was so peaceful to me. It was just good for my soul,” Patterson said. “Beautiful day, I couldn’t be happier, and the turnout – just unbelievable, just unbelievable. I can’t believe these people, I’m turning around and looking at the line behind me. It’s massive.”

Rowlett and Garland police escorted the group, blocking traffic so it could freely pass along the route, just under ten miles long.

As of 6:30 Monday evening, Patterson was still in surgery, but everything was going as planned, according to Doug Patterson.

His original Facebook post is below:[[366495811,C]]

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