Happy Valentine's Day! Have a Stolen Panty

Vicky's at Mockbird Station hit again by lingerie larceny

Dallas police say an organized retail crime ring may be behind a string of panty raids at Victoria's Secret stores.

According to a Dallas police report, a man and woman working together walked out of the location at Dallas' Mockingbird Station Wednesday afternoon with 75 pairs of women's underwear valued at more than $1,000.

Police said the man raided a storage drawer in the back of the store and stuffed the underwear into his female companion's purse.

Dallas police said they believe the thieves are professionals. Every article of clothing at Victoria's Secret has a security sensor, but the thieves walked out of the store without setting off a single alarm.

It is the second major theft at the Mockingbird Station location in the past three months. In early November, a couple stole more than 130 pairs of panties.

Police said the designer label makes the panties a popular target for thieves looking to make a quick profit -- perhaps, just in time for Valentine's Day.

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