Grand Champ Steer at Stock Show Sells for $200K

The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo grand champion steer "Here I Am" fetched $200,000 for his young owner Saturday morning.

Larry Anfin won the bid for the 10-month-old Exotic cross-bred steer raised by 18-year-old Flint Newman from Stanton, Texas.

Newman plans to put the $200,000 towards a college education.  He plans to study Ag Communications at Texas Tech University. 

“I named him that because when we show him in the ring he just stands there and sticks out like’ “here I am," said Newman.
He said he's not emotional about leaving the steer behind. 
“I try not to get attached at all so I’m not crying and everything," he said. "My sister gets really attached.”
Newman's mother is proud.
“Hard work really truly does pay off," said Mandy Newman. "He’s a really good kid.  He really does work hard so he’s a good one.”
As for the steer, "Here I Am" will live at the Fort Worth Zoo for six months before moving on to a ranch.  The steer's new owner had high praise for the teens who raise the champion animals.
“You really have to appreciate the work ethic these kids have raising these animals," Larry Anfin said. "And I know all 295 of these kids need to make some money and it’s important the auction gets started off right so we’re pretty excited to be able to help.”
The Fort Worth Stock Show Syndicate handed out twenty $10,000 scholarships to 4-H and FFA students who will study Agriculture or Life Sciences at a Texas university.
This is the last day of the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo, sponsored by NBC 5. Click on this sentence for a look at the schedule for last day events at the Will Rogers Memorial Center.
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