Glitch Leaves FW Police Underpaid

Some Fort Worth officers can legitimately complain this week about being underpaid -- and have city officials agree. 

The city owes money to hundreds of its police department employees after a computer glitch shortened paychecks. 
A spreadsheet miscalculation overcharged nearly 700 workers for health and life insurance benefits.

"The extra amount deducted varied," city spokesman Jason Lamers told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "I’m told it did not exceed $50, and that the majority were overcharged $25."

Lamers said the employees can expect to see a credit on their next paychecks.

Two weeks ago, the city overpaid officers by almost $1.8 million, the Star-Telegram reported. The city quickly issued new paychecks and withdrew the money that had been electronically deposited. 

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