Frisco Railroad Crossing in ‘Disrepair': Driver

Drivers in Frisco say growth along one busy street is having an unintended side effect.

The railroad crossing on Main Street, they say, is in disrepair, riddled with potholes and loose, uneven pavement.

Frisco resident named Crazy Eagle lives near the tracks.

He was driving his three-wheeled motorcycle over the crossing three weeks ago when he says a pothole stopped him in his tracks.

“Alls I could do is hold on. It was just too deep and too quick and I couldn't avoid it,” he said.

Eagle says he was tossed off his bike. His belonging were scattered across Main Street.

“I thought that was a disaster for something that has so much traffic through here,” he said.

The conditions seem to be common knowledge, among some.

NBC 5 crews noticed car after car slowing down to a crawl before crossing the bumpy tracks.

While Eagle wasn't injured, he says it's high time the tracks get the attention they need, especially in an area showing no signs of slowing down.

“I just want to make sure nobody unsuspecting gets injured or dies,” Eagle said.

BNSF maintains the railroad and the right-of-way. A spokesperson told NBC 5 it has not received any complaints about the crossing. In an email, the spokesperson wrote, “BNSF Railway conducts regular, routine inspections of our operating track to ensure the safe and efficient movement of our trains.  I will forward the information you provided to our management team for review. They will act promptly to address the concerns at the Main Street crossing in Frisco.”

A spokesperson for the City of Frisco said “The City occasionally receives complaints about the rough crossing and responds by filling potholes that contribute to the roughness. However, these measures are temporary and the city is limited in what it can do at this location given that the tracks are within BNSF right-of-way.”

The spokesperson continued... “The crossing needs to be reconstructed. The City of Frisco and BNSF are nearing completion of an agreement that will allow for the crossing to be reconstructed. A time-frame for the work has not been determined. The city will continue to monitor conditions.”

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